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Swan Lake El Gouna Hassan Allam Properties

Swan Lake Hassan Allam Properties in El Gouna City .


Smack in the heart of El Gouna lies an intimate world of white sandy beaches stretching to spoon the crystal-clear lagoon, sun-kissed rooftops and undulating greens.
Step into a dream-like reality where Greek Cycladic houses of beautiful eccentricity proudly stand as bold statements of architectural brilliance to blend in absolute harmony with the heavens, earth and sea.

Join SwanLake El Gouna exclusive community and glide effortlessly into the socially spirited world of El Gouna to enjoy premium amenities and memorable experiences not offered elsewhere.

Swan Lake Hassan Allam

Located in the Heart of El Gouna a few minutes away from El Gouna’s main hubs, Abu Tig Marina and its new extension, the New Marina and the Downtown Area, 25 Kilometers north of Hurghada, a four hour flight from Europe’s major capitals.

Swan Lake Hassan Allam

SwanLake El Gouna is a breathtaking enclave carefully designed with the natural surroundings in mind. Built in the shape of a heart, the project guarantees that all units benefit from soothing crystal lagoon views, sunny rooftops and wooden decks.

10 Type + Club House

Swan Lake El Gouna  – Crystal Lagoon

According to Greeks, water or “Neró” is “life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium.
Therefore, SwanLake El Gouna partnered with Crystal Lagoons to surround all condos with soothing 360 degree views of beach paradise.
By utilising cutting-edge technology, landscapes are transformed into picturesque sandy white beaches allowing sustainable year-round use.
So, whether you desire to sunbathe all day or prefer to join water sport amenities on the beachside, SwanLake El Gouna guarantees to cater to your every mood.

Swan Lake El Gouna -THE CLUB HOUSE – Swan Lake Hassan Allam
Swan Lake El Gouna Payment Term: Hassan Allam Properties

Because we want to ensure the comfort of our residents we have designed a clubhouse to cater the needs of our community.
SwanLake El Gouna clubhouse is fully equipped with its own fitness club, Spa and Restaurant to bring all the essential facilities closer to your door step.

Swan Lake El Gouna -MODERN GREEK  ARCHITECTURE – Swan Lake Hassan Allam
Throughout history, the Greeks have provided some of the finest and most distinctive buildings in the world providing the foundation of classical architectural orders from the Renaissance to present day.
Hassan Allam Properties has found inspiration in Greek simplicity and how it beautifully collides in perspective and harmony with spell-binding surroundings to present SwanLake El Gouna as its new master piece.
Swan Lake Hassan Allam
By partnering with world renowned Divercity Architects, the development was conceived to stand as a testament of architectural excellence with exclusive waterfront condos that are not only admired from up close, but also from afar. With beautifully stone facades blending perfectly with a white contemporary feel, sleek wooden linings and roof-tops, a Greek paradise was formed in the heart of the Red Sea inspiring visitors and residents all year round.

E L GOUNA CITY Swan Lake Hassan Allam
Among the glittering string of coastal gems, El Gouna sparkles the brightest as Egypt’s most eco-friendly city dubbed as the “Venice of the Red Sea”.
Hassan Allam Properties – Hassan Allam Properties – Swan Lake Hassan Allam
With luxury houses and hotels tumbling down to the sea in a cascade of sun-bleached colours,
El Gouna is a beguiling combination of natural beauty no less colourful than its steep streets lined with lively restaurants, bars and fashionable boutiques.
SwanLake El Gouna is only minutes away from the heart of action, guaranteeing an embracement of richness below and above the sea.
GOLF Hassan Allam Properties – Swan Lake El Gouna –  Hassan Allam Properties –
MARINA – Hassan Allam Properties – Swan Lake Hassan Allam
DIVING Hassan Allam Properties – Swan Lake El Gouna –  – Swan Lake Hassan Allam

Hassan Allam Properties SwanLake- INTERIOR DESIGN

Hassan Allam properties sets its own benchmark by consistently collaborating with internationally reputed master planners, architecture and interior design firms. SwanLake El Gouna is no exception, designed by Divercity Architects
It has been created in a modern Greek interior design style, bringing SwanLake El Gouna community the Greek feel to its doorsteps.
All units all delivered fully finished with bathrooms and kitchens, built in closets, and AC’s.

Swan Lake Hassan Allam Swan Lake El Gouna
•   5% Reservation Hassan Allam Properties El Gouna

•   10% Contract

•   85% over 5 – 6 years (quarterly installments)

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