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Palm Parks


Palm Parks compound

Palm Parks Palm Hills

Located in 6th October City, of Juhayna Square.Palm Parks compound is ideally suited to young couples and families.

Palm Parks offers the perfect blend of luxury living in a hip and youthful environment.

Palm-Parks is ideally to young couples and families, offering a range of modern, luxurious apartments surrounded by ample green open spaces and beautiful landscaped gardens.

Compound Palm Parks Palm Hills

Close to the field supervisor and Mall of Arabia and in front of Compounds Jasmine Green Land and Gardenia 2  and Egypt Mall.

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Apartments.  “153 SQ.m, 235 SQ.m,

250 SQ.m, 273 SQ.m – 278 SQ.m.

Duplex. “208 SQ.m, 215 SQ.m”.

Finishing: Super Deluxe

 ” Palm Hills “

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