Golf Extension Palm Hills October

6 October City, Golf Extension



Golf Extension

Golf Extension is built on well location, established to offer Palm Hills Developments’ customers a natural
extension of the Golf Views neighborhood. Palm Hills Developments Compound in 6 October
Allowing its customers’ enjoyment and accessibility of Palm Hills October.Comfort and enjoyment are meant to be the telltale sign of Golf Extension Palm Hills

Golf Extension.

Built On 310 Feddan  Palm hills Golf Extension , Palm hills Compound

 Units Available:

 Villa Type C

Average land Area  : 744 to 788 m² Golf Extension

Total Sellable Area :  410 m²

 Villa Type K  Compound October Palm Hills 

Average land Area  : 895 to 945 m²

Total Sellable Area :  486 m² Villa For Sale

 Villa Type Y

Average land Area  :  960 m²Total Sell able Area :  406 m² Villa Type M
Average land Area  :  581.10 m²Total Sellable Area :  386.55 m²

Twin House
land area : 380 SQ.m Buildings area : 265 SQ.m

Town House Corner

 land area : 255 SQ.m

 Buildings area : 283 SQ.m

Town House Middle land area : 250 SQ.m

Buildings area : 266 SQ.m

Terms of payment : Palmhills October

30 % down payment & installment over 5 year

 Compound in 6th Of October City

Palm Hills  Compound in 6th Of October City
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