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Mountain View

Chill Out Park

In the Heart of 6th of October City

Mountain View Chill Out Park is located in 6 October City , near the Grand Heights Compound and Porto October , an area of 216 acres and includes a vast green spaces project adds to your home more privacy and tranquility is the project supervisor, for 7 minutes Gohayna Square, is a 7-minute from the business center and the Smart Village Egypt-Alexandria Desert Road

A quiet life waiting for you

Real Estate Developer: Mountain View Development and Real Estate Investment Mountain View Park Chill Out Refer to your nature The Chill Out on October 6 and enjoy well-being and peace of mind Chill Out Mountain View Park is located in the heart of the Sixth of October

And 7 minutes from the Mall of Arabia and 7 minutes from the Smart Village And 8 minutes from the field supervisor And on an area of 216 acres I-Villa,penthouse, Townhouses, Twin House, and Villa Architectural Design US blue-and-white facade tiles


MV Community



Average Building Area (M2)

Starting Unit Price (L.E.)


iVilla A Garden






Twin House



Stand Alone A



Stand Alone AR



Stand Alone B



Stand Alone C



 Down Payment : 10%, Installments Over 10 years

Additional Details

  • Bike Lane: Kids Day Care
  • Commercial Area: Luxury Spa
  • Forrest: Promenade
  • Jacuzzi Jungle: Rinbow Garden
  • Meditation Lake: Road Crossing Zones
  • Sports Courts: Walking Trails
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